In Their Words
Elizabeth N.
Elizabeth N.
Pixie was an absolute joy to have as our real estate agent! She was honest,intuitive,and most importantly very knowledgeable about our options in our price range. Can't go wrong with her.
Mila Radulovic Photographer, Digital Entrepreneur
Mila Radulovic Photographer, Digital Entrepreneur
If there is a hard-to-find New York City nuance that a future home-owner seeks, Pixie's creative powers of observation will nail it and then some.
Corporate Relocation
"After giving Custom Brokers our specifications and budget, they truly provided us with a through range of properties and helped us lay out all the options. You really see your dollar going far when the broker actually cares about the outcome of your decision and wants to find the best apartment for your company." - Ryley T, Corporate Relocation Client
Caroline K.
“[Suzanne] and [her] team were so magnificent in [their] handling of our sale and our departure that a thank you is essential. That last day, when all of [them] pitched in and made the hay fly was an utter marvel. Such decency and thoughtfulness is rare in this world… Then to come and bring that tart and champagne was way beyond the call of duty, but a lot of fun. We girls certainly killed that bottle fast and the tart did not have a chance. But what was best was the song at the end that transformed a tough day into one of joy. I thank [them] for all you did for me, picking up rubbish, waiting while the fellows worked, walking me down the street. [They] are the finest of friends.”
Johns H.
“Suzanne knows everything there is to know about the real estate business.”
Brian C.
“Suzanne Brose really does love real estate, possibly more than anyone I've ever met in our field. Besides being a world of knowledge, a great mentor, she's open and honest with every one of her clients, as well as her colleagues. That's probably why not only has she survived one of the most competitive businesses for over thirty years, but continues to excel year after year.”
Larry B.
“Suzanne Brose has rented my townhouse apartments exclusively for probably 15 years or more. Since I am not always at my building she goes out of her way to look at each apartment as it becomes vacant and tell me what she thinks needs to be done before she rents it again. I always agree with her suggestions and never question her ideas. She even has a group of craftsmen and painters that she can put to work quickly. Some of these people I now use for projects outside of Suzanne's suggestions. She has been able to find me tenants quickly in good times as well as not so good times. We have all heard real estate horror stories about New York City. I have experienced none of those with Suzanne Brose. And all this while she embarks on a sideline career as a singer.”
Alicia R.
“Suzanne and her staff were able to find exactly the right property for our daughter. It was at the right price and exactly what we were looking for. Her staff member Jason, had 20 locations for us to view and complete information about all of them, based on our requirements. They are a pleasure to work with.”
Jennifer S.
“Suzanne makes the process of finding a home an enjoyable experience, rather than the stressful ordeal it commonly is, by genuinely caring about her clients and their needs.”