Whether you are relocating for short or long term--travelling internationally or interstate-- your timeline is probably as short as your patience. Our experienced agents will quickly educate you on local market trends: analyzing your needs, managing expectations, and streamlining appointments with respect to your search criteria and schedule.

With an accelerated time frame and limited availability, a successful relocation requires a relationship based on honest, steady, and efficient communication. We are prepared to prioritize your needs providing attentive personalized service grounded in empathetic understanding.

Some of our agents, the native and naturalized New Yorkers, have witnessed neighborhoods change drastically over their lifetimes and possess an intimate knowledge of the city as an organism. These agents are often able to spot trends early on, providing in depth analysis of a neighborhood's strengths and weaknesses with reference to decades of development.

Others of our agents, recent transplants arriving in situations similar to your own-- new job, old flame, graduation, promotion, big apple dreams-- will quickly help you feel at ease that your priorities are attainable. They understand that your housing decisions are important life decisions, and are prepared to inform you of a neighborhood's lifestyle opportunities in addition to it's housing inventory, quite possibly in the language of your choice.

With a diversity of agents, native and imported, multilingual, single, married, young, and seasoned, we are confident that your relocation will be a seamless transition and a positive introduction to the Big Apple.

Individuals relocating to NYC, please e-mail

Corporate Relocation

As a boutique brokerage firm, we have the capacity to be flexible in order to ensure that our corporate clients are happy. Our commission rates are adjustable commensurate with the volume of relocation customers referred. Companies in search of attentive personalized service, please email