Buyer Broker

In this modern age of digital transparency it is very tempting for a buyer to attempt to conduct a real estate search on their own.

Buying a home is a very complicated procedure. Just as you wouldn’t dream of treating your own medical problems—or repairing your car—you don’t want to be on your own when you search for a new home.

A buyer broker will learn your preferences, educate you on the market, and introduce you to a support team of lawyers, architects, and mortgage brokers.

As your buyer broker we will

  • tell you what’s available in a given neighborhood
  • introduce you to other neighborhoods
  • recommend different kinds of properties
  • help you to identify the best property
  • guide you in negotiating a successful bid and
  • coach you every step of the way, from pre-approval to closing.

A good buyer broker is a licensed professional who will be able to introduce you to other professionals, including:

  • a mortgage broker or banker who is familiar with the kind of property you have chosen
  • a real estate lawyer who specializes in co-ops and condos
  • an architect who is experienced at renovation
  • a lighting designer who understands energy costs

The buyer broker is your agent, your asset, and your best weapon in successfully locating, negotiating, and closing on your new home.